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How to Work With a Human Resources Consultant

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You’ve decided to work with a human resources consultant.  Great, now what?  

After years of consulting both great and challenging clients, here are my top three tips for working with a human resources consultant:

  1. CALL BEFORE NOT AFTER – Call your HR consultant ten minutes before you do something you’re questioning, not ten minutes after.  Picking up the phone to, “Hey, I just did this stupid thing can you help me?” does not make your consultants day.  However, they’ll love you forever if you call and say, “Hey, I’m just about to do this stupid thing, do you think I should? ”
  2. DON’T KEEP SECRETS – We give you advice and guidance based on the information we have.  If we don’t have all the information guess what? You don’t get great help.  If you don’t trust your HR consultant enough to be completely honest with them, find another one.  Only when you air all your dirty laundry will you truly get the results you need. Don’t worry; we work in HR; nothing surprises us. 
  3. COMMUNICATE – Keep your HR consultant in the loop.  We aren’t in your offices, so don’t assume we know what’s happening.  When you take action based on our advice or guidance, let us know how it went.  We don’t have a crystal ball that shows us either everything went okay, or your employee is spray painting curse words all over the walls.  We care how things turn out, so let us know.

Working with a consultant is a great way to gain HR support, knowledge, and ensure compliance.  But only if you work together as a team built on trust. It’s just like I tell my clients, I may not tell you what you want to hear, but I’m always going to tell you what you need to hear. 

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