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Enter now: Welcome to Your New Feng Shui Home Office

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I’ve never appreciated my choice to become certified in Feng Shui as much as I have during this time of confinement.

It’s one thing to spend a few hours in your home, but between my recent knee surgery and COVID-19, I have a completely new understanding of being shut-in. 

I thought I’d share some thoughts about Feng Shui as it relates to the entry of your home. With spring coming, weather changing, and a little extra time on our hands, this is a great time to focus on this vital part of your home.

The entry, both inside and outside, welcomes energy into your space.
So take the time to look at it from both the inside and outside.  How do you feel approaching your front door? Is it clean, welcoming, open, and unobstructed?  If not, pull out the hose and give it a good wash.  Cut back anything that has overgrown or looks scraggly.  With spring coming and winter not yet gone, there likely aren’t flowers, but you can still make things look neat the tidy.  A little mulch can make an area look well kept and ready for spring. 

Clean your front door.
It gets dirty, in fact, kind of gross.  If you hang a wreath or some ornament on your door, give it a good cleaning, or maybe put up a new one.  If you’re like me, you have a few options in the garage.  Or make one – there are so many fun ideas available. 

Take a good look at the “welcome” mat.
Does it say “welcome” or “go away”? If it’s worn, dirty, and seen better days, just get rid of it.  When we get the “all clear,” you can get a new one.  Better to not have one at all than one that looks like you just gave up. 

Now walk inside. 
How does your entryway welcome you?  Do you feel good when you walk in, or are there piles of shoes, coats and dog leashes?  By the way, it’s pretty easy to organize all of that stuff. We just generally never have the time.  Well…..

If you have an entry table, what’s on it? 
If it’s stacks of (fill in the blank), find places for these items and make it a pleasant landing space for one or two things.  I try to keep mine only to keys. The moment we allowed mail, we couldn’t find the table.  So for us, it’s for keys and a vase of flowers.

Living in an apartment doesn’t change the basics of these hints.  I probably wouldn’t pull out a hose to clean your front door, but this is still a home, and the entry is just as important. Take the time to make it personal, clear of clutter, and inviting.   

Feng Shui can be done one space at a time.  Why not start where you welcome the beauty of life into your home.

Happy Feng Shuiing 

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