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Let’s Give a Shout Out to Healthcare Heroes, Essential Workers and All Parents Making it Through COVID-19

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One thing about a hero is they are never the ones claiming the title. 

Scrolling through social media and watching the news, the incredible heroes stand out strong in this war against COVID-19. 

There are the obvious ones in healthcare. I can’t say enough about the selfless efforts they put forth each day as they decide to walk into the hospital without the protection they need to save lives. I ask myself if I could/would do that and, of course, I say yes in my head, but in reality, I’m thankful I don’t have to answer for real.  Especially as I sat outside the grocery store the other day, honestly afraid to enter.

All the others taking the same risks, such as firefighters, police, EMTs, and anyone on the front lines responding to the emergencies of life – thank you for your bravery and selflessness. You all are heroes.

Yet I consider everyone in the categories above heroes every day in my eyes.  They aren’t always fighting this kind of war, but they fight most days in ways we can’t even imagine as we drink our coffee, drive to work, hike, sleep, etc.  They choose to be on the front line and thank God for that!  They are the ones who always have our backs, even when we don’t think about it.  Heroes for sure. 

Yet, COVID-19 has surfaced an entirely new set of heroes.  Those who didn’t receive the crisis management training, or have mock scenarios to prepare them for the worst case.  I’m talking about:

  • The homeschooling parent who used to make fun of homeschooling parents – you know who you are.
  • A teacher shows up at a student’s house with a portable whiteboard to teach a difficult math problem through the glass front door.
  • The child surviving another day in an abusive home who now doesn’t even have school as an escape.
  • The abused partner who is home alone with their unemployed abuser with nowhere to go.
  • The car parade of teachers celebrating a child’s successful chemo treatments.
  • The couple who love each other but never signed up for 24/7 and are making sure to still love each other.
  • The employers who are learning to trust and empower their employees and allowing them to do what they need to do to balance work and childcare.
  • Entrepreneurs losing their businesses, and dreams in the same exact moment.   

And, the list goes on. 

Heroes are all around us.  Don’t miss seeing the hero next door, or next to you on the couch.  They’re worth noticing! 

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