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Top Three HR Mistakes Small Businesses Make

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Just because you may be a small business, that doesn’t give you a pass to ignore the HR function from the jump. If you take HR seriously at the beginning, you’ll avoid these top three small business mistakes: 

1 – State Laws Apply

Many state laws come into play long before the federal laws based on your size.  For example, if you live in Oregon, you must provide paid sick leave if you have ten or more employees.  You have to provide sick leave if you have six or more in Portland!  If you live in CA, you must provide paid sick leave to all employees, even part-time, after they’ve worked for you for 30-days. Do you know your laws?

2 – Pay Inequity Is Real At Any Size

If you aren’t ensuring internal and external pay equity, you could be asking for trouble. External pay inequity means you’ll have a hard time finding and keeping good employees.  Internal pay inequity could be setting you up for even bigger issues. 

3- Good HR practices don’t make you corporate; they make you smart

I often hear that the reason no HR practices are in place is that they don’t want to be too corporate.  I suppose my question then is when did it become “corporate” to pay fairly, be non-discriminatory, create a harassment-free workplace, and still be a great employer?  

Still need support? Shoot me an email at christine@christinefrazer.com. I’d be glad to support your small business HR needs.

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