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Election Week at Work 2020

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The “with me or against me” movement is at an all-time high. In the coming days, it will take us to one winner and one loser that various entities are rapidly predicting as I write. I’m watching this process impact households, marriages, friendships, and the workplace. Cities are boarding up storefronts, and today the White House began building an unscalable wall of protection. Sure signs this will be an election week like nonother.
It’s hard to have such an impactful moment not flow into work – we’re humans, after all. So, how do we do it in a way that keeps our work moving forward and our colleagues – well, colleagues? The first thing that’s helpful to realize is not everyone thinks like you. I get that this is a “duh” statement.
Yet, I had it hit me between the eyes over the weekend when I found out a family member I thought was totally aligned with me had an opposite political belief entirely. A lesson I need to talk less and listen more, but I digress. Assuming everyone believes the way you do is dangerous and naïve as an employer and sets you up for failure. It’s your responsibility to create a safe space for all employees all the time. What does all this mean on Tuesday? Actually, let’s say the rest of the month to be safe. It means being aware and making sure employees aren’t being bullied or harassed.
In an environment where there will be one winner and one loser, you will likely have employees with strong opinions on both sides. Opinions are appropriate attacks are not. If you’re confronted with the “free speech” argument, which often happens with politics, remember you’re running a place of business, not hosting a dinner party or organizing a march. No, I’m not saying tread on employees amendment rights. I am saying make sure employees are not being bullied or harassed because one person’s rights are more intimidating than others. We’ll likely remember this week for the rest of our lives. Let’s remember it for the right reasons.

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