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An Entrepreneur Who Just Wants PTO

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I’m writing this for every entrepreneur who has ever wanted to throw in the towel. That’s every one of you isn’t it?
I’m starting year four as an entrepreneur, and saying it’s been a roller coaster would be an understatement. I’ve been through everything from a flopped product launch that cost more money than I can say out loud to the worldwide pandemic that, for four months, took me down to one client.
Recently I was sure I’d had enough. The long hours, the hustle of trying to find clients, keep clients, and somehow do the work was all wearing thin.
My solution was to kick all my hard work to the curb and find a job. You know, a “real” job, one with a paycheck that magically showed up in my checking account every two weeks.
I’d think about it, and then I’d think about what it really meant. This decision meant giving up on my dream. It meant I’d stopped believing in myself. What I realized is I really just wanted paid time off! I needed a damn break! I know too many entrepreneurs who are or will be in the same boat. You think you can’t take time off because your entire business will fold if you’re aren’t there a day or two. The reality is if we don’t take a
day or two off, then one day we’ll be too tired to do it at all anyway.
So don’t throw in the towel…..take a day off. Re-group. Remind yourself all the reasons you decided to take this crazy, fun, exciting journey. Get some sleep, get some fresh air. And go get em’.

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