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Your Social Security Number Will Not Get You A COVID-19 Vaccine

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I realize this isn’t exactly an HR topic, but I just read an article, and I think the information is worth sharing. This article said one of the latest scams is someone calling to say you’re eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, and all they need is your social security number. DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER – IT’S A SCAM! If someone legitimate calls you about your eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine, they will not ask for your social security number, and they will not ask you for any form of payment. Unfortunately, many of us are desperate to get the vaccine so we can see our loved ones. We’re the perfect target for scammers because our emotions fuel us. When our emotions are running the show, we aren’t always thinking as clearly as we’d like. Be on guard and stay safe and secure until it’s your turn to get the vaccine. If you have any questions about whether a call you get is legitimate, contact your local health department.

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