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Everyone Deserves Their Moment

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We often hear, “I’m so scared, worried, afraid, sick, sad, etc.,” followed by, “But others have it so much
That’s probably a true statement. It doesn’t make your emotions any less powerful.
We have never had a situation where an event has impacted nearly every human on the planet to this
magnitude. Most events affect some leaving others able to console, help with recovery, and offer
This worldwide and catastrophic event has left virtually no one on the sidelines to hear your story and
offer empathetic words of encouragement. It’s even made it impossible for some to receive the
embrace of our loved ones at a time when we need it most.
Yet, everyone still deserves their moment. We all deserve our moment of sorrow, anger, fear, grief,
anxiety, or whatever emotion we’re having, where we feel heard and understood. It is a moment that
doesn’t end with, but I know I’m lucky, or I know it could be worse.
I write this is to validate all the emotions you’re feeling during this time of unease. Yours aren’t better or
worse than the next person. Yours are yours. They are real, and you deserve your moment.

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