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Will COVID Ever End?

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My fortune-telling days are over regarding COVID-19 or anything even remotely related. I’ve realized
that the best tactic to take is acceptance.
If you’re still reading, thank you! Many don’t agree with me on this. However, when you have no control
over something, trying to control it is futile.
Accepting that things are going to change on a whim, we have to adjust accordingly, and we need to
remain agile and flexible and help our employees think the same way is the way I think we’ll approach
2022 differently and more healthily than 2020 and 2021.

The last two years were chaotic, no doubt. On the whole, we see spikes in cases but decreases in
seriousness. Employees are still missing work, but generally, we don’t have to close up shop for weeks.
We can now settle into a state of acceptance that builds strength in our teams. Grow our companies to
adjust to anything and allow our customers to rely on us no matter what, even if we have to adjust our
hours or modify our products.
Working together on ways to help your organization rapidly adjust is something I’ve had to do as well. If
you want to talk about your needs and how my experiences with others might help you, let’s connect.

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