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Employers Need Insurance Too

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When I talk to employers about insurance needs, they generally think about their employees – medical,
dental, life, etc. Yet, often employers neglect to cover the organization adequately.
Any employer with employees has risk. One of the first questions I ask clients when we begin working
together is if they have Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI). EPLI covers businesses against
claims such as:
– Sexual harassment
– Discrimination
– Wrongful termination
– Failure to employ or promote
– Wrongful discipline
– And more
Keep in mind that insurance is not a substitution for good management. To mitigate the chances of a
lawsuit, educate yourself, your employees, and your managers:
– Have a handbook that each employee signs clearly stating organizational and legal policies and
– Ensure your employees understand the steps to take if they are subject to sexual harassment or
discrimination. Provide regular training to staff and supervisors.
– Develop consistent hiring practices to avoid possible discrimination.
– Document all dispute/discipline encounters with employees.
– Train, train, train anyone managing employees.
The best defense is not needing a defense. Be proactive regarding risk in your organization. For those
situations out of your control, ensure you have appropriate protection.
*I am not an insurance agent and do not sell insurance coverage. For more information about EPLI coverage, please contact
your local insurance agent.

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