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Human Resources Feels Corporate

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Working with smaller companies, I often hear, “We don’t want to add HR into our company because we
don’t want to become corporate.”
So, my question is, “What’s corporate about?”
– Providing a safe work environment where everyone feels supported when they come to work?
– An introduction to the culture, so it doesn’t feel like lunch the first day of middle-school all over
– Ensuring employees understand how to do their job. Oh, and have the tools to do it?
– Being fair and consistent about hiring, employment, performance, and pay.
If you feel implementing the above HR tools for your employees takes you to the corporate dark side,
think again. Companies with a solid HR foundation have less turnover, higher safety ratings, are more
successful, and have overall happier employees.
Don’t delay building a solid HR foundation for your organization because you are afraid to become too
corporate. Build it because you want the best for your employees.

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