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Is it time for an Employee Handbook?

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Over the years, I’ve wavered on the pros and cons of an employee handbook. On the one hand, of
course, you need one. On the other hand, it’s expensive and a lot of work, and is anyone even going to
read it?
Guess what, if you take the time and really put some effort into it, you can write a handbook the
employees will actually read. To be fair, most employees only look at the handbook for time off, holidays, and pay dates. But if you take the time and really think about what else is important to you and your employees, you can create a document that is an effective employment tool. Your handbook should be both informative and reflect your culture. I make sure when I write handbooks that we cover all the typical topics but that we also incorporate anything specific to your organization. For example, do you allow pets, have an on-site workout facility, offer employee discounts on your products, etc.?
We also want to be sure and address any annoyances. So if using cell phones at work is a constant issue
and safety hazard, let’s cover it in the handbook.
Most employers put off initiating or updating their handbooks because they think it’s too much work.
Yes, it is work, but if you work with someone who knows what’s required, and will take the time to
understand your culture, it can be a painless and rewarding process.
Are you interested in getting started on your handbook? Let’s talk.

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