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Old School can be Progressive

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I know this may come as a shock, but I’m a little old-school. Saying I’ve been in HR for over three
decades clearly doesn’t make me a spring chicken, and no one would confuse me for a millennial at a bar. But old school doesn’t mean I can’t learn a new trick or two. The funny thing about being around a while is life comes full circle.
For example, when I started in HR, we didn’t have a prescription drug plan or a co-pay for a doctor. There was no such thing as an HMO or PPO. We had indemnity plans. An indemnity plan meant you had a really high deductible you paid first, and then insurance came in and started to pay. Wait. What? Does that sound familiar? It should. Today we call them high-deductible plans. Catchy huh? They aren’t something new. They were where we started.
The workweek “back in the day” was flexible. The family came first. If something happened at home, you went to take care of it. If you got sick, you stayed home until you were well. Today we call this a flexible work schedule.
My first job had a full cafeteria for employees. You paid $1 for lunch and $.50 for breakfast. We also had on-site daycare. Today this is a progressive office space.
The workplace is evolving, thank goodness, but there are things we can learn from the past. Don’t discard someone in your workplace because they are old-school, and don’t think you have nothing to offer because you were at your height “back in the day.” The old and new together can have the most incredible outcome if only given a chance.
The next time you’re considering a new progressive something in your workplace, look to everyone for input – the new and the old. You never know what fabulous results might be in store.

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