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Welcome! I help business owners build sound HR practices that will grow with their organization and help them stay compliant.  I’m all about keeping it real in how I work. You’ll see that in my informative yet a bit entertaining posts.

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3 Risks of Hiring Illegally

Hiring illegally can cost you big. Don’t put yourself, your employees, or your company at risk by breaking the law. View the top three risks from HR Any Day.

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Employee Classification | Hourly Pay vs. Salary Pay

Do have an extra $5.3 MILLION to resolve a wage and hour claim? Fun fact: on average, total wage and hour payments due to unpaid overtime, failure to provide meal and/or rest breaks and off-the-clock work total approximately $400 million per year. On average, companies have paid $5.3 million to resolve one case. If you’re thinking, “No problem, I outsource my payroll, so everything is fine,” I would agree. Your payroll probably is just fine. But are your employee classification?

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