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By Christine Frazer HR Strategist

Welcome! I help business owners build sound HR practices that will grow with their organization and help them stay compliant.  I’m all about keeping it real in how I work. You’ll see that in my informative yet a bit entertaining posts.

Why I Like HR

It’s been ages since someone asked me why I like human resources (HR), so I was a bit thrown when Iwas asked that question today.

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picture of office holiday party

HR Holiday Protocol 101

We may not head back to school this fall, but when it comes to employee questions and the holidays, you can plan ahead with these HR tips from decorating to gifts.

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My 18-Month Journey…

Starting a company, writing a book, building an app, learning to paddle board — all in 18 months. Oh my!  Starting my own human resources

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3 Risks of Hiring Illegally

Hiring illegally can cost you big. Don’t put yourself, your employees, or your company at risk by breaking the law. View the top three risks from HR Any Day.

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