If HR isn’t necessarily your chosen career,
or this crazy world is brand new to you,
Then this book is for you.

The surprisingly fun human resources guide
for small and growing companies

If you’re looking for an HR textbook or something to teach you all you need to know about HR, keep searching. That wasn’t my intent. I just wanted to boil down three decades of experience into a few chapters of stories to help you understand HR a little better and to not feel so alone as you do what’s needed to build and grow your business. Sometimes just knowing others have been in your same shoes, or worse, helps you get through another day. You won’t find a lot of stuffy legal jargon in this book. You will read everyday language mixed with a lot of humor for real people like you just trying to navigate the world of HR the best you can.

keeping the lights on while trying to grow your business and stay compliant is a daily challenge. this app is to help take one of those challenges away.


I designed HR Step 1 for the person who’s reading this right now thinking they don’t have time to even see if this product will help.

I understand that keeping the lights on while trying to grow your business and staying compliant is a daily challenge. This app is to help take one of those challenges away. I’m sure compliance is a concern for you, as it is for most employers. To get you started, this app is comprised of a series of questions you’ll answer at your own speed. When finished, your answers are calculated into a risk score. Based on that score, you’re provided with precisely the solutions you might need to help bring your organization into compliance. Don’t like your score? No problem.

Implement the solutions we give you, mark them off the risk report, and watch your score improve. Who doesn’t want to go from a C- to an A+?

Of course, you actually have to answer the questions honestly and implement the solutions. But you already figured that out, which also means you’re probably thinking there’s nothing worse than spending time answering a bunch of HR questions in an app. I realized that too. Here’s a little something about me: there’s no way I could have spent over three decades in HR without having a pretty decent sense of humor.

So here’s the deal: if you don’t at least smile once during the process, you get your money back. Fair enough?


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I would recommend Christine Frazer as a trusted partner for any of your HR and administrative needs. She is truly in a league of her own!
Dan Young
General Manager, Metabolic Maintenance

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